Friday, February 25, 2011


So much for "me" time this week. It was the annual Blue and Gold Banquet on Thursday complete with Father/Son cake decorating contest. Loosely translated: Mom has to design, bake and frost two cakes and oversee the decorating process. I must admit, the boys did most of the decorating. Dad got stuck in the doctor's office and didn't make it back in time to help. Here is Hayden's finished product! (Did I mention "Fiesta" was our theme?)
Henry's was just as nice. I couldn't believe he bought into the pink frosting.
The boys were pretty excited about their creations until this showed up. Can you believe that's a cake?
What about this one? It was the grand prize winner.
Here are the boys with their cakes. They were a little disappointed, but Henry won a prize for the tallest cake. Huh? Anyway, it was a good experience and they enjoyed every minute of it. I love their cakes!

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