Friday, March 4, 2011

The Culprit

I finished the pillow! This is the back.
The moose look great on the front. You can even see the little ric rac edges (if you squint).
He gets his close-up. The machine applique wasn't too difficult and it came out great!
There he is - the culprit. The reason my pillow was delayed. Hiding. On my kitchen window sill.
The sample project for my cub scout den. Holy cow. When you have 11 ten-year olds, a new assistant and two Craftsman projects to come up with - it will kill your creative time, just like that. We recycled these old bricks and made them into planters. We also made a picture frame as a gift for their mothers. They are not quite finished - glue is still drying. Next week - wooden bird puppets and marble tracks. Stay tuned . . .

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