Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Derby, the Quilt and Fish Eyes

 Tonight is the Pinewood Derby.
 It is Henry's third - and last.  Boo Hoo.
 It is Hayden's first - and he couldn't be more excited.  Engines fire up at 6:30 tonight.  Cross your fingers for a winner!
Working on these derby cars has seriously cut into my sewing time, but here's the quilt - cut out - ready to sew.  Hopefully it will all come together this weekend.
 I also started a new little fish pin cushion.  Gave the other one away to my friend Marlena.  She has been helping me with the cording on my pillows.  The hardest part of making these little fish is choosing the eyes.  I found these old buttons at the monthly Trade Days.  I bought three jars of them - old Ball canning jars with glass tops.  The buttons are old too.
 I reeeeeally wanted to use this one for the eyes, but that's it.  There's only ONE.  I need TWO.
 I'm going with the brown ball buttons - very fish-like.
 Love these old jars.
I love that they add character to my sewing room.  I wonder if buttons would look good on the derby cars.  Hmm. I doubt it would pass "boy inspection standards" though.  Sigh.

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  1. Love the fish pin cushions! Love the old canning jars! Can't wait to see the quilt when you get it done! Good Luck to Henry and Hayden at the pinewood derby!