Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Next?

 Ok, Fish is done.  Quilt is in progress . . . all right, I've avoided it long enough . . .
 The BACK YARD.  We planted small trees about five years ago.  They are now big trees.  They block the neighbors and the sun, but they are seriously ruining my lawn.  The pergola bench needs painting and we just dismantled the play set that was 8 years old.  I thought I could hold out one more year, but this yard is too sad.
 I called the City people.  They are coming on trash day to remove our large pile of play set.
 I need to rake the leaves out of my plant beds and out from under the bench.  Yuck.
 The trees block so much sun that the grass won't even grow.  This is outside our bedroom window.  It's basically clover and weeds.
 More clover and weeds.  We are going to re-seed with St. Augustine and hope it makes our back yard happy again.
 The only positive is the hydrangea bush (that I thought I killed) came back with three flower heads.  It's small now, but hopefully will take over this spot near the fence.
Oh, look, my wonderful husband and strapping young ten-year old removed the ugly play set for the City to haul away in the morning.  What should we replace it with?  Greenhouse?  Pool?  Cabana?  How about grass that will grow for a start?

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