Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We're All Shook Up

The work is moving slowly at our house.  I'm afraid it won't be finished before we leave for Idaho on Friday.  We've been forced to eat out for dinners - cooking is not impossible, but the kitchen is torn up.  We ate at Chuy's last night, our favorite Tex Mex restaurant.  The host took us to a booth and said, "This is the best seat in the house - it's the Elvis booth.
This is who I got to look at during our meal.  Nice.  I like the Gold Record halo over his head.  Kinda creeped me out.
 That's more like it - the Elvis we all know and love.
Hayden got a look at that first Elvis and I think he's going to lose his dinner.  We need our kitchen back soon.

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