Sunday, August 21, 2011

The End

It is the end of summer.  School starts tomorrow morning.  Here is the end of our trip!
 At the end of our trip,we said good-bye to Martin's family.  Hayden really fell for Cristine's babies.
 We waited five hours in the San Jose airport because of a broken airplane.  Eventually, we were cancelled.  They couldn't get us back to Texas for the next three days because all the flights were over-sold.  They had one last flight going to Los Angeles.  We decided to take it and figure out the rest later.
 We got to Orange County airport the next morning.  John Wayne was there to welcome us.
 We had received a call from our painter in the meantime.  They would't be finished painting until mid-week.  We decided to stay in Southern Cal until Friday giving the house enough time to cure.  Here's Martin trying to work out the rental car.  We decided to heal our emotional wounds with this:
Yeah, we drove around Southern Cal for five days in a Chevy Camaro convertible.  They boys were stoked!
 We decided to save our money and our sanity and just spend time at the beach.
 We went to Newport Beach the first day.  The water was warmer than Northern California and the waves were higher too.
 They had a great time.
 We enjoyed strolling the neighborhood.
Little cottages - about a block from the beach.
There's that crappy car again.  This is Southern California.  You'd think they'd have come up with a Ferrari or something a little more exotic.
 We spent the rest of the time at Laguna Beach.  A little more calm with a pretty view and quaint little park.

We all had a great time.

We've back a week and getting the house put back together.  Normalcy is a great thing.  Summer is officially over, but the temperature still hits 106 degrees everyday.  It has been the hottest summer I remember since our move here nine years ago.  Hopefully relief is around the corner.

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  1. The best things are usually free, like the beach. Love the way you rolled with the waves that came your way.