Monday, September 19, 2011

New Purse, New Hat and a Crazy Dog

 Thank you to my sweetheart!  A beautiful gift from Martn.
 Find of the week:  Pink Witch Hat.  Don't walk.  RUN to Target.   Three colors: black, red and my favorite - pink with the black veil for $2.50!  Look in the dollar section.  I know what I'm wearing to hand out candy this year.
There he is.  My dog who doesn't bark.  Yes, he's barkless, however, on Saturday mornings, he becomes a crazy obsessed howling thing.
I really can't blame him.  His arch-enemy is one scary dude.  He makes the craziest noise.  It freaks us all out. Other than the vacuum nothing really tips Barkless over.  (The vacuum is a whole other story.)  So on Saturdays, when his arch-enemy appears, he runs from window to window puffing and snorting, because he can hear "it".  So I usually let him outside and then he sees "it".  The howling and crazy barking begins.  He's not the only one - every dog in the neighborhood goes nuts.
Ah, there "it" is in all it's scary glory.  This one came alone.  Sometimes we get 3 or 4 within minutes of each other.  Secretly, I enjoy watching them.  But do they have to fly over at 6:00am?   On Saturdays?

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