Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It started raining on Sunday and didn't stop until Monday night.  I got out the spray paint on Tuesday and attempted to stripe my last two pumpkins.  Ho-lee Cow.  Was that a mistake.  I nearly spent the whole day on that project.  Trust me - don't stripe your pumpkins.
 This is the last time I'm going to show the front entry.  It is finished.  Lighting isn't great, but everything is in place.  It looks better at night.  You'll just have to trick-or-treat our neighborhood to get the full effect.
 It wouldn't be Halloween without a raven . . .
or two.

It rained all morning but should clear up tonight.  My friend Julie Shaw is coming over to help me paint the dining room tomorrow and Friday.  We're going with Metallic Ground Coffee for the walls and Metallic Pink Pearl for the ceiling.  I'll be taping tonight!

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