Monday, October 31, 2011

A Sparklie Halloween

 Remember this guy?
 Well, I got busy and turned him into
The General Store - of my Halloween Village!
 Ta da!
 I thought we could use a Post Office.
With a Skull on top. (Purchased next door at the G.S.)
 The Walgreen's Before . . .
The Howlgreen's After!
The Restaurant Before . . .
And - 
Here's the bakery.
 Well, I had been so busy and thought this would be one of those projects that was a great idea, but never goes anywhere.  But I surprised myself and started Friday night while the boys watched some Halloween movies and worked through this morning.
These I will be re-furbishing next year.  I definitely want to add some landscape as well as more spookiness to the cemetery.  I had so much fun with all the sparklies and paints that this may become an addiction.

Anyway,  how was y'all's Halloween?

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