Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cannot Believe It

Well, I thought I would stalk a few blogs and call it a day, when I noticed this crazy dive-bomb mosquito coming at me.  I swatted at it a few times, but it was oh so clever and kept camoflauging itself against my countertops.  Frankly, I got a little bored with it.  My first mistake.  Anyone who knows anything about Texas knows that everything is bigger in  Texas.  Spiders, cheerleading squads, football games, spiders, shopping malls, bugs and spiders.  Everything except mosquitos.  Texas mosquitos are actually some of the smallest I have seen, but their sting is the biggest sting I have ever felt.  Pretty soon I had forgotten Mr. Mosquito - my second mistake.  Suddenly I felt an itch on the palm of my hand.  Sure enough it was him, enjoying my blood.  I squashed him good and made quite a mess, but who gets bitten on the palm of the hand?  I am in agony.  Like I said, Texas mosquitos leave a nasty bite.  I am already in for the Cortizone cream and my hand is throbbing.  I seriously am afraid of being kept up by the "itch" tonight.  We may have to eat out the next few days while I heal up.  Surely I won't be able to do any housework.  Laundry is out of the question.

Like I said, everything is bigger in Texas, including excuses.

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