Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Field Trip to the Meyerson

 Yesterday it rained.  It was a stay-in-and-drink-hot-chocolate kind of day.  I, of course, couldn't "stay in", I had to grocery shop and run errands, so I was quite conflicted.  On the upside, I spotted this Bentley parked at Whole Foods Market.
 As well as this convertible Porsche.  Always thinking of my boys.  Hey, it' the only way I can get them to read my blog.  Yesterday I had to be out running errands because today I went on a Field Trip.
 We went to the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas.  The third grade classes go every year.  When Henry was in third grade, I was told it was the one field trip I should go on, but alas, I was not selected.  They draw the names out of a hat and only two parents from each class can go as chaperones.  This year, I was drawn! I was also in charge of these hooligans.  It's the price you have to pay.  We had lunch before we went in to the program.
 One thing interesting about the Dallas cultural area is the many over-sized metal sculptures scattered around the mall area.  The kids always ask, "What do they do?"  Nothin'.
 I had been inside the Meyerson years ago when Martin and I attended a Christmas Concert.  I had forgotten about the organ - one of the largest in the world.  (Ha.  I know where there are a few more.)
The building really is spectacular and the show for the kids was fabulous.  I would have to agree that this was the trip to go on, and the most civilized field trip I have ever been on.  We got home at a reasonable hour, not sweaty and I wasn't sticky.  Can't say the same for the Pumpkin Patch or the Dallas Arboretum.  Yay for the Meyerson!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I do think you are becoming obsessed with these fancy cars that keep showing up on your blog. When you get one of them, I am expecting a ride. I will be waiting for the phone call.