Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's a Baking Frenzy

This is where it started.  There are so many different recipes that I have wanted to try.  This strawberry chocolate cheesecake got the ball rolling.  Since then I have been Betty Crocker on Crack.
 Yesterday I came across a recipe that included a variation of CARAMEL FROSTING.  Since our move here to Texas, I have learned that the South really is different than any place we have been.  In the cake world, Red Velvet Cake and Caramel Cake are as Southern as it gets.  But every recipe for Caramel Cake that I have found has homemade Caramel Frosting - an actual impossibility for me.  So, when I found this German Chocolate Brownie Cake Thingy with the "shortcut" Caramel Frosting I had to try it.

I made the brownie base.
 Chopped the Pu-cons (that's how we say it down here), and added the coconut.
 Now, look at my caramel.  They are bits!  No unwrapping.  First easy step.  They became
My brownies covered in caramely German Chocolate Frosting.  This went into the fridge overnight.
 This afternoon I pulled the carmely goodness out of the fridge and cut them into bite-size pieces and got them ready for this.
 There are a lot of firsts for me on this one.  I have never used the Candiquick product, but it is what the recipe called for and it was great!
 Instead of submerging them in the chocolate, I dipped the bottoms in it then frosted the top.  They are decadent.
I will definitely be using the caramel frosting recipe again.

Stay tuned for more baking!  Seriously, I've got a bug.


  1. Cheyanna and I think that your brownies are yummy! Wish we were there to take a bite!

  2. I just had three bites - one for each of us. Both of you really enjoyed them!