Monday, January 23, 2012

The Weekend is Over

 The boys decided they wanted to go ice skating.
 They were clear in their disapproval of my camera coming along.  They don't want to recognized on my blog.  I thought this would work.
 Then when they weren't looking - snap, snap. "Hey, Henry, she's taking pictures."
 "Figures.  She's probably going to put us on her blog."
Hey, who's this guy?  Anyone?

Sorry, I was momentarily distracted.  Now back to ruining my children's lives.
 I got a ton of pictures of Henry doing this (avoiding me).
 I found a few other subjects.
Lots of little ones melting down.
They lasted about an hour, and then we headed home.
 While the boys crashed, I was inspired to use these sprinkles.  I had seen this recipe and realized I had never rolled a cookie in sprinkles before, so
 I rolled and I rolled and came out with

End of the weekend and end of my baking insanity - for the moment.

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