Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Irises, Red Teeth and No Sprinkles

 I received these beautiful irises on Valentine's Day morning.
 The boys got up early and snuck out to Starbuck's and brought me my favorite Grande Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Scones.
They topped it off with this bouquet of purpleness.
I met Martin for lunch at one of our favorite places - Taco Diner, which just happens to be across the street from Sprinkles.  The line, however, went completely around the building.  We had one hour to kill before I had to leave and be to the school V-day parties.  We moved slowly for 30 minutes and got near the front door.  It's usually pretty quick once you get to the front door.  Ack!  We were betrayed.  Looking in the front window, it was Disneyland all over again - the eternal winding line.  I had never seen them use the Disneyland Line before.  There wasn't enough time.  We had to cut our losses and head back.
I made it back in time for the munchkins' parties.  They both had a great time.  I'm not sure Hayden knew he would be wearing lipstick when he chose the bright red cupcake.  One thing's for sure - it will be great blackmail material during the high school years.

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  1. I will have to warn Hayden about his future blackmail problem! Ha Ha