Monday, April 16, 2012


 I pulled this out of one of the boxes I was unpacking.  Totally stumped me.  I have a largish bowl that has sat on my kitchen island filled with red and green FAKE apples for several years now.  When I packed it up, I dumped the apples into a bag and threw it into a box.  Now that I'm unpacking, I find THIS!  Who attempted to take a bite of this and when did it happen?  I am 1. stumped, 2. grossed-out, and 3. puzzled at who would be fooled by this and actually put it back.  Let's see, the last group of unfamiliar people in my home were the movers.  Thinking about it - I am not surprised.
Exhibit #2.  Our house is still chaos and someone actually finds time and space to do this?!!  I mean it is constant motion around here as we try to get settled in and I find this going on in the midst.

Weirdos, I tell you, the world is full of them.

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