Monday, June 25, 2012

Training in Session

 I had mentioned previously that we changed the whole color scheme of the master bedroom.  I had read an article entitled, "Do you sleep in a boudoirs or a bedroom?"  The article went on to explain the difference and I realized I was definitely in the boudoirs category.  How embarrassing.
So the search began for a more bedroom friendly color scheme.  I found this comforter set for $25.00 on  I started working with the grays and pulling in the reds.  So far, I'm pleased. 
This is a "before" of the master window.  The couch is 12 years old and has become misshapen.  I am desperately trying to decide if I should re-upholster or purchase something new.  Decisions, decisions.
 This is the fabric I chose for the "after" for the master windows.  Martin really wanted some roman shades, so I asked Miss Marlena to whip up a set for us.  I wasn't sure if Martin would appreciate the gather at the bottom, but I think it's wonderful.  Surprisingly, he agreed.
These little darlings are in training.  They must stay in the folded-up position for a few weeks so that they will not be bothersome in the future when we need them to go up or down.
We will leave them up while we are gone on vacation and then I will be able to lower them to the appropriate level for a bedroom, not a boudoirs.

Still working on ideas for the couch.  Soon to have an answer I hope.

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  1. It's been a while since I visited there. I must do so, soon.