Friday, August 31, 2012


This hasn't been the best week.  I didn't want to rant, so I decided I wouldn't post about
the "Back to School" cake I made that came out of the pan with all the paint baked into it.  The whole thing had to go into the garbage.

I even decided not to rant about yesterday when my car's engine cut out on the freeway and I limped to the Tom Thumb parking lot and had to call Martin to come save me.  Waiting in 100 degree weather in mid-day Texas while I missed a planning meeting for the Too Cool for School 6th grade welcome celebration was not how I wanted to spend my day.

But, when my kitchen exploded into a full-blown flood this morning, I decided it was time to release everything, so this bad luck would leave me alone.
 Some non-flexible tubing that connects to our water filter, which is connected to our refrigerator, came off with a vengeance and started spraying the kitchen.
 The filter is in the cabinet above the refrigerator and the water was pouring out like a water fall, cascading over the top of the fridge and onto the floor.  I got my little step stool and opened the cabinet.  It was like someone had turned the water hose on me.  Wet from head to toe.
I had to call the city to come turn off my water, which they did, until Martin got home and could move the fridge.  I used every towel in the house, but I saved the wood floor.
I was completely wiped out and I missed my Primary Presidency meeting to boot.  Man!
 So the water got underneath the cabinets and Martin wanted to avoid removing the cabinets, so
the "fix-it" guy cut holes in the bottom of the cabinets to air them out.  We live in Texas.  Mold must be avoided at all costs, so this is what they do.  I hope they figure this one out, because I will be one mad mama if my cabinets get ruined.

Ok, I'm breathing.  After that expulsion, I'm sure I've driven away all the bad karma.  Wish me luck.  The week is almost over.


  1. Oh my goodness! You're a trooper.

  2. Wow! I have never heard of such a thing! Hope it all turns out ok.