Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Ruffled

 We used the guest room for a real guest recently.  I had intended to get the curtains up before she came, but I guess I am just a rude hostess and pinned a sheet in front of the window instead.  It all started with this piece of fabric I had purchased several years ago.  I thought it would be perfect as curtains for the guest room, but it isn't long enough.  I have seen lots of ruffled curtains, so I thought I would add ruffles to this lovely piece of fabric.  The fact is, it was a calculating nightmare, so Rochelle helped me get started while she was here. 
 Actually, the room is dual-purposed.  It also serves as the music room for the boys.  Henry practices bassoon here on a daily basis.
 He does it with no curtain - bad hostess.
 Both the boys practice their piano here - with no curtain, obviously.
 Basically, the whole room needs to be decorated.  I am considering painting this little dresser.
 Meanwhile, I am in the process of ruffling the bottom half of the curtain.
I'm up to my ears in ruffles.  Maybe I need another guest to help me get the job done.



  1. I'm seriously tempted... I wish I didn't work.

  2. I am sorry that we didn't get it done while I was there. There just wasn't enough hours in the day. It is going to be beautiful when you get it done.