Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem

 My problem is that spending time with these wonderful ladies for a few days in the Houston area has made it impossible for my children to go to college.  I'm sure their sacrifice was worth it.  They'll be thanking me while working for restaurant tips as they put themselves through college.  They will appreciate it so much more.  Right?
Phyllis (the gorgeous one on the right) drove us into Houston to shop the Nutcracker Holiday Market. 
 It was a holiday wonderland.  Burlap was everywhere.
 Ornaments galore on every kind of tree you can imagine.
 I loved these birds.  I did not bring them home with me. Sigh.
 So many creative ideas.
 They had these "designer" trees in every color.
 Icicles abounded (but cost an arm and a leg).
We spent the whole day shopping and I made quite a haul.  There was good food, music and entertainment and so many creative ideas.  This may have to become an annual event.
 On Saturday, we stayed close to home.  Phyllis's address is in Montgomery, TX - it's a little rural, but the old downtown has great shops and we decided to spend the morning there.
This little old house has a great clothing shop inside - Ruthie Grace.  We went twice!
Help me - more burlap!
 Next door to Ruthie Grace is the old black school house - fun.
 Even this old Studebaker was for sale.
 Does anybody remember these?
 New little shop in town -full of decorating ideas.  Love the lamp.
 A new winery in an old bank.
 This is where I got in trouble for taking pictures.  I couldn't help myself.  Love this old refrigerator door.
 Does anybody even know what this is?
All in all, it was good to see my old friends - Mary, Linda and Phyllis.  This canvas sums it all up.

Thanks, Ladies!  I had a wonderful time.

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