Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm Pictureless

I've been trying for three days to post our Thanksgiving trip, but Google says I'm hogging data space and won't let me download any photos to my blog.

So, I deleted over 1000 photos to make room, and still they say I'm a pig.

I'm trying to get my live-in technician to look at my Blogger account to help me with the issue, but he seems to have a full plate these days.

In a nutshell - we had a great time in Arizona.  The boys played with their cousins and didn't want to leave.  Martin and Hayden got to ride their dirt bikes several times and now they feel complete.

I, however:
1. Pinched my back
2.  Got a UTI and had to visit the ER at 4:00am on Thanksgiving.
3.  Got a doctor issued shot and I couldn't lift my arm for two days.  OW.
4.  Thank goodness my boys like their cousins so much - I vegged and they played.
5.  Ate very good food.  My hips are grateful for the cold weather padding.
6.  Loved the Rise of the Guardians.
7.  Flew home so as not to re-pinch my back.
8.  Ended up with an error on my ticket and had to pay an extra $150.00 at the airport.  Grrrrr.
9.  Arrived home to a quiet house and set out to grocery shop.
10.  Discover a dead car battery.  Double Grrrrrr.
11.  Resolved the issue and got groceries (4 hours later).

The boys are back in school and I am still exhausted.   I started dragging out the Christmas goods in hopes of getting the decorating under way.  I was interrupted this afternoon by a call from the Faubion Middle School Nurse asking me to come get Henry.  He seemed to have twisted his foot during PE.

Thank you, Dr. Mickelson for the x-ray showing me Henry's BROKEN foot.  The cast is blue.  He will not be riding the bus for the next while as I will be driving him to/from school and carrying his bassoon and backpacks for him.

Pictures soon.  (I hope).

Grateful to be home.  Grateful to have such a great family.  Grateful for all that I have - good or bad.

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  1. I am sorry about all the bad things that happened to you and then to Henry! But I think I can help you with your pictures if you still need help...Let me know and I will show you what I do.