Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vintageness On The Square

 I took myself down onto the Square to get the boys their traditional White Cheddar Popcorn to put in their stockings.  I didn't remember until I got there that they both have braces now and can't have popcorn.  That was a sad moment.  So I went next door into a cool vintage shop that I have never had time to visit before.
 Vintage Christmas ornaments seem to be the hot item du jour.
 The only problem I had was stomaching the price tags.  I guess "vintage" means "pricey".
 I thought this homemade Christmas stocking was adorable.
 This crazy quilt tree skirt caught my eye.
 I found many of the old bottle brush trees hanging around.
 Far out.  Love these stockings.
 I'll take the bowl please.
 I actually did take this one home.  It is one of the cutest pin cushions I have ever seen.  I need to find some more of those old pins to go with it.
 Just look at the buttons on those old cards.  So cute.
Cloches are so "in".  Someone glued a band of sequins onto this one.  Love.

Well, I didn't get the popcorn, but I got some Christmas Spirit.  Only five days left until Christmas.  The boys are out of school tomorrow afternoon.  We are going to stay home and cocoon.  The weather turned cold today and we had peppermint hot chocolate before bed.  I'll be up wrapping gifts until late tonight.  I don't feel rushed, but I still have a million things to do!

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