Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chicken Update

 Everybody has a job to do with the chickens.  Mine is visiting the girls and collecting the eggs.  So far, two of the girls are laying and we get an egg a day from them.
 They are being showcased in my fridge in a ceramic egg tray from Target.  Only the best for the girls.
 Rochelle had my name for Christmas and gave me a gift certificate for one of my favorite home shops on The Square.  I found this lovely rendition of a chicken pillow and . . .
this great little vintage sign to hang on the coop.  Martin was so tickled, but the boys couldn't understand why someone would think that we live in Pennsylvania.

Anyhoo, Martin is loving the chickens so much he already wants to expand.  He is in the process of building a second, and much larger coop to house 8-12 birds.  I guess we'll be going back to Chickenville this week!


  1. I loved that little shop on the square! I knew you would find some cute things.

  2. I am SO not a chicken fan... but all the extras are adorable.