Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Night, Ladies

Yesterday, the boys began building the chicken coop.
 Hayden helped in his own way.
 He was soon exhausted.
 The chicken coop took all afternoon and into the evening.  They got the feed ready, the lights installed and the box ready for the ride home from Chickenville.
It took us an hour to drive to Terrell, TX and we chose four beautiful girls and boxed them up and came home.  They had a lot of firsts today - first time out of their barn, first time in a car, first time meeting a dog, and first sleepover.  They have to keep a light on 24/7 or they won't lay.  I snuck out after dark to see if they were settled in.  I was expecting them to be tired after their long day, but you know how it is at a sleepover.  No one goes to bed until the crack of dawn.  Good night, girls.


  1. I hope they didn't keep you up to late with all the late night giggling!