Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things We Are Most Excited For

Hello, 2013.  We have been awaiting your arrival because we have so many things planned during your new beginning.

1.  Wednesday, January 3rd - My new Rowenta Professional Series Iron is arriving! (Any of you who have spent time with me and had to use my $12.00 Black and Decker sorry excuse for an iron will also be glad for me.)  Just one more excuse to come and visit.

2.  Monday, January 7th - TRAMPOLINE installation - very exciting.

3.  Tuesday, January 8th - Back to School - one of us is very excited.

4.  Wednesday, January 9th - cancellation of hair appointment to insert tree installation.  We are extremely excited about this! (Except for the cancelled hair appointment, but I can live with it.)

5.  Not an exact date, but approximately two weeks from today our chicken coop will arrive and Martin and I will promptly take ourselves out to Terrell, TX to choose from over 1000 chickens at Chickenville USA- 19 breeds to be exact.  We'll take four, please.


  1. We had chickens once, five... have fun with that. :)

  2. well you are off to a good start for the new year! Let me know if the iron is worth it.