Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Newest Sport

 At the beginning of this school year, we pulled the boys out of swimming.  I was very sad.  They weren't.  Our doctor had suggested that Henry swim because of his asthma, so we have been swimmers.  Then Henry broke his wrist.  Then Henry broke his wrist again.  It was time to get out of swimming.  Henry wasn't swimming and his asthma wasn't improving.  Hayden always wanted out.  Then Henry broke his foot, so there has been no new sport team joining - until now.  It is still premature for Henry to join a sport due to his break, but Hayden's P.E. class was visited by the McKinney Lacrosse Team and he begged to join.
Last Saturday was his first practice.  I just spoke with a friend of mine whose youngest boy is now 22.  He played Lacrosse as a youth.  He had several broken bones because of it.   Hmmmm.
 I'm not going to think about that.  I'm going to think about how much I like those trees on the other side of the fence.

First game in two weeks.

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