Saturday, June 22, 2013


Time for another list.  Please bear with me.  It wasn't a great day.

1.  Martin will not come home tomorrow.  They have invited, I mean insisted, that he stay another week. Wah. (I told you I would).

2.  June bugs have really taken over.  I can't open a door without some flying into the house.  That goes for flies too.  I killed six flies before breakfast.  Thank goodness the dog enjoys the thrill of the hunt.  He chases down the June bugs for me.

3.  We had planned on a 12:00pm movie.  We all wanted to see Monsters University, but we ran out of time packing Henry's gear for Scout Camp on Monday.  Just found out I have to drop him off at 3:30am at his leader's home on Monday morning.

4.  Yay - first good thing.  Got Henry's gear over to his leader's home and into the Scout Trailer.  He is packed and ready to go!. We decided to go grocery shopping before Martin's phone call to us at 3:30pm.  Still planning on movie at 6:00pm.

5.  Left Henry with his friend Eric.  Hayden and I went to the Gap to buy shorts at 70% off.  My fat has made most of my older shorts snug.  No shorts my size.  On to Whole Foods.

6.  Hayden wanted to push the cart, so we quickly shopped.  He was the cart guardian.  Near the end, a woman stopped and asked me several weird questions about an item she was considering buying.  She included Hayden in the conversation.  For a brief moment, our backs were to the cart.  When I went to pay for my groceries, my wallet was gone.  Thank goodness I had cash.

7.  Drove back to Gap almost certain that was where I left my wallet.  It was not.  Deep pit in my stomach as I realized I had been robbed.  I immediately called Martin.  He said he would call the bank as I had to run to pick up Henry.  When he called me back the bank had found nearly $2000 of expenditures in the last 30 minutes at three different drug stores.  Ughhhhhh.  He cancelled my cards and reported the theft.

8.  I felt stupid and used.  Nearly everything of value in one little space was gone.  I had about $200 in the wallet, my credit and debit cards, my temple recommend, social security card,  insurance cards and driver's license to name a few.  Absolutely no way to go to the movies tonight.

9.  DSW Rewards Card.  Gone.

10.  When we got home I called the police to report the theft.  Not much they could do.  Made a zillion other calls to cancel cards, etc.

11.  I decided to be over it and had the boys help me with some projects.  We are making Martin a map of the world with push pins of all the places we travel.  He has wanted something to hang in his office for a while.  The cork board had arrived yesterday, so we decided to open the box and pin the world map we got to it.  Nice.  It had been damaged in shipping - severely.  We packaged it back up and prepared it for return.  Surprise for daddy's return - ruined.

12  We ate leftovers for dinner then played the Game of Life, which did not go well for me.  I lost my career three different times and practically became a bum.  Par for the course.

My boys are safe.  Our air conditioner works and Martin will be back home next Friday.  No movie, but spent the evening with my boys.  Tomorrow is Sunday, so I don't need any money.  I will get replacement card and cash Monday morning after I see Henry off to Scout Camp.  UPS will pick up my broken package and hopefully we will be able to find a replacement cork board at one of the office supply stores.  From now on, my purse stays on my arm.  The End.


  1. That women needs to be kicked in the shins!

  2. Seriously? When it rains it pours. Sorry.