Saturday, June 15, 2013

In Honor of Germany, Sort of

 Martin left about an hour ago to catch his flight to Germany.  Wah.  Yes, I'm going to Wah for a week because I didn't get to go.  He actually wanted me to go, and found me a ticket and was planning on buying it for me, but it was too short notice and I felt like I couldn't make arrangements with all the things going on with the boys.  Anyhoo,  in honor of his galavanting off to Germany (without me), here is Hayden's Living Museum.  During the last week of school, the 4th grade presents the "Living Museum" and each child dresses up as a character they have researched for the last four weeks. They line up in the gym and have a round sticker on their shoulder and parents and students wander through pressing stickers and getting an earful of bios from each "living" statue.  Hayden happened to be Mozart - born in Austria, neighbor to Germany.  With me?  Yeah, I'm trying.
 Ok, so come take the tour with me.  Here is Mozart in all his glory waiting for the classes to arrive.
 John Lennon showed up.
  As did Betsy Ross.
 Mozart had the honor of standing next to Mother Theresa.
 Amelia Earhart,
 Queen Elizabeth,
 King Tut,
 and Leonardo DaVinci were all fabulous.
 I was wowed by Aristotle's philosophies and also his beard.
 Isaac Newton dropped his apple on the floor every time he gave his schpeel.
 I liked Mark Twain,
 Queen Katherine I
 and Albert Einstein.
Surprisingly, Marie Antoinette had regained her head.

The kids did a great job.

I will leave you with Mozart and his amazingness.

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  1. Wow, what elaborate costumes! Looks like a valuable school activity.
    My son is in Germany on his mission. A week is nothing compared to 2 years. Your boys will be old enough before you know it. There's no preparations a mother can make for that. Next time, GO.