Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who Am I?

I am on the verge of being stolen.  With my wallet being taken, I have been scrambling to cover all my bases.  We cancelled our credit and debit cards.  Even after that, the thief tried to use the cards again and again and again.  Crazy huh?

I got my temporary driver's licence yesterday.  The thief didn't get my check book, but I haven't been able to write a check because I have no driver's license.  Tomorrow I go in to get my social security card.  

I bought a new wallet today.  I wanted something nice, but my checking account is dry (thanks Ms. Thief), my new credit card has not yet arrived and I'm down to $25 cash.  So it was the $7.99 beauty at Ross.

I contacted the credit monitoring companies and put a fraud alert onto my accounts.  This took the longest and I am quite worried.  Wallet stolen Saturday, fraud alert started Tuesday = possible identity theft by my friend.  She has all my ID cards and can easily open up credit under my name.  Hopefully she didn't connect the dots and figure out she has a gold mine on her hands.  I will get a copy of my credit report in a few days and if something has been opened in my name I will have to go through the dispute process.  Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.

Martin comes home on Friday and hopefully this will all get sorted out. I'm sure this episode didn't help him feel good being a million miles away and not being able to do anything.

On the bright side, it is over 100 degrees here today and we are sweltering.  My chickens are hiding under the coop and are not happy.  I, however, am resting inside with A/C that works and reading a good book this afternoon.  It's the first time I've been able to relax since Saturday.

P.S.  I started putting the borders on the PINK quilt.  It has been a great distraction as well.  Tomorrow we will see how normal we can be.

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