Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back From Houston

 This year during our Girlfriendz Weekend, we didn't visit Craft Shows or Christmas Markets or anything monumental.  We stayed at Phyllis' fabulous lake-front home in Montgomery, TX.  This is not a picture of Phyllis' fabulous lake-front home.  This is a picture of a little shop in downtown Montgomery where we spent the better part of a day shopping!
 Downtown Montgomery is NOT like downtown McKinney - all built around a quaint little square and very inviting.  Downtown Montgomery feels like a real Old West thing going on.  Seriously, half the building look like they were old saloons.  We decided to walk around the town and passed by this Retreat, the Hodge Podge Lodge. Funny.
 Seriously, General Store feel.
Loved this great antique shop.
 Yes, I'll take it.
 I took a picture of this old kitchen scale and got my friend Mary in the background. 
 We found tons of gorgeous tableware.  I wanted it all.
 Cowgirl shopping at its best.
 I don't know why this spoke to me, but I fell in love with it.
 This place had a gazillion custom-made pillows.  Love.
 On our way to the next saloon, er, shop.
 Inside the old school house are scads of antiques.  So many S&P shakers.
 Love the iron shakers!
 It seems like vintage cookie jars were every where.
 After a long day of saloon hopping, we came home and crafted.  Phyllis made this fab.u.lous "S" with wine corks and embellishments.  It's a gift for someone.
 This is basically what most of our weekend looked like. Stitching, crafting, shopping, eating and relaxing with great friends.
There's my girls!  Can't wait 'til next year.

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