Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Pooch, New Poo

 We have some new things at our house.  We have a new puppy named Finn.  He loves to leave his poo all around the yard.  We have a new thing called "Extra Chore" when you don't finish your chores and mom has to step in and do it for you, so you owe mom an "Extra Chore".
 There is a list on the refrigerator of all the "Extra Chores" available.  Sometimes you get to choose your "Extra Chore" and sometimes you don't.
 Today, I chose Henry's "Extra Chore" for him.  He had to pick up all the new poo in the back yard.  I had Hayden help him.  Their friend Eric is playing with the dog who left all the poo for them to clean up.
 No one is happy about this new chore system except me.
I love "Extra Chore". And I love to have blackmail material for later.


  1. Don't you love being a Mon! "Extra Chore" is a grand idea!