Wednesday, November 27, 2013

They're Home

 The boys always have the full Thanksgiving week off from school.  As they have become older, it is easy for them to invite friends over and "hang out", so it is not so overwhelming to keep them occupied.  However, one thing never changes.  They like to eat yummy things, so we bake.  Hayden found this cake mix while we were grocery shopping last week.  I told him we could make it during Thanksgiving Break.
 Amazingly, he had never heard of  "Ace of Cakes" before.  He spent an entire evening researching it, then pressed forward and made the cake.
He chose a bundt style pan and frosted it with peppermint icing.  He felt it wasn't complete until the sprinkles were on just right.  I only heard one complaint.  "Why didn't we put it on a cake plate? It is too hard to cut on the cooling rack."  The answer:  It was eaten so fast, I never had the chance.

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