Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Birthday Eve

 Hayden will be turning 11 tomorrow.  For a while now, he has been the only boy in our ward.  He has been the only cub scout in our ward.  We have struggled to make it right for him.  Recently, a family moved in from Utah with a boy exactly his age with a birthday  that is eleven days behind Hayden's.  His name is Josh.  Josh and Hayden had their Crossing Over Ceremony a few days ago.  It was the first time in a long time that Hayden hasn't had to do something alone.
 Hayden crossed over the bridge first with Josh right behind him.
They both also received their Arrow of Light Awards at the same time.  Even though Hayden didn't have a scout leader (he had to attend several different wards to catch all the activities), he earned all 20 Activity Pins for his Webelos.  I am very proud of all his hard work.  He is my baby, but my baby is growing up.  He is half way through his 5th grade year.  Next year he will be in Middle School.  Yikes.

Happy Birthday, Hayden!  We love you!

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