Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fat in France

 While in France, we ate and ate and ate some more.  The only thing that saved me was all the walking.  One thing that I fell in love with during our stay was the cups.  We ordered hot chocolate wherever we went and it was always served in fabulous cups.  Not mugs, not tea cups, but civilized cups.  I have a new obsession - civilized cups.
We were in the region of Provence where rustic food rules.  This guinea hen stew was the BEST lunch ever.  We had it in the town of Albi, just north of Toulouse.
 This was our salad.  Notice the cheese on everything.  If I could just have French cheeses for all my meals for the rest of my life, I would die a happy woman.
 One of the many restaurants we ate at.  Everything was so French.
This was a dessert we had in Arles.  I didn't photograph the rest of the meal because it never occurred to me to do so.  I was so taken with the presentation of everything that I was not thinking clearly.  We used Trip Adviser and tried to go to as many restaurants we could that were rated the highest.  This one was, and I've forgotten its name, but the lamb with mashed potatoes just about did me in.  I couldn't even walk home that night.  This caramel covered pear tart was exquisite.
And the bakeries - patisseries - were on every corner.  It's like churches in Texas and I felt like I was worshipping every time we went in one.  Amazing.
 Paninis were everywhere.  This little guy joined us for lunch while we ate that day.
 Our last full day was spent at the Regional Flea Market in Arles.  One side was goods - clothing, shoes, fabrics, etc., the other side was a food market.  Unbelievable.  We had a picnic lunch after stopping at the butcher, the baker and the cheese maker. 
Our dessert that day - marshmallow filled and covered with chocolate with a cookie base.  I don't even know what they're called, but I died.

This is just a smidgen of the indulgences we had.  I am a true convert to French food, especially in this region.  Martin is such a food guy that it made this part of the trip so enjoyable.  He's always up for a food adventure and we truly had one!


  1. I won't even ask what you gained, but I can see it was worth it!

  2. A food adventure sounds amazing!! It all looks delish! I love France and French eating! Mmm....