Sunday, April 13, 2014


Remember that day when your husband got called out to an emergency business trip to Maine and you wanted to go along, but you had kids and no time to find a sitter for them and the dog and all of the other animals at your home?

Also, do you remember your husband waking up on that Sunday morning at 4:30 am so he could catch his 6:30 am flight for the emergency meeting and it woke you up and you couldn't get back to sleep, and then just as you thought you could the stupid dog next door started barking and wouldn't stop, then the thunder clapped and the rain poured down, so you just got out of bed to check your phone's weather app to see when the insanity was going to end and it said you  were under a thunderstorm and wind advisory until 8:00 that night with gusts up to 55 mph?

Yeah, and remember that same day you were so tired and wished you could go back to bed, but your kids got up and needed breakfast and you needed a shower and so your kids tried to take initiative while you were in the shower and clean out your dishwasher for you, but when you got out of the shower and they told you what they had done, you remembered that you didn't start the dishwasher last night, so all 6000 plates, glasses and little pieces of silverware that were still dirty were now hanging out with all of your clean dishes?  And then you realize that you don't have time to deal with it because church starts soon and your hair is still wet?

Do you remember how you rushed around and your kids started running around and hitting each other and knocking things over and all you could think about was the dirty dishes with the clean dishes and how you wanted to yell at your kids to stop acting like ninnies so you could dry your hair in peace?

You don't?  Well I do. 

And I remember when we got to church and had  to make a run for it so we wouldn't be swept away by the torrential rains and zillion mile an hour wind gusts and then thought to myself, "What the heck did I do my hair for?"  And even though it was freezing outside and I was hoping for some warmth inside, the heating system inside the church had gone berserk and everyone was sweating and all the doors and windows were propped open to let the cool air in so I thought to myself, "What the heck did I take a shower for?"  The whole dirty dish thing could have been avoided.

I also remember when I got home and didn't want to make the big dinner I had planned, because my husband wasn't there to eat most of it so I thought I would try making the fettuccine alfredo I got at Trader Joe's and it was barely enough to feed three people, so I fed my kids lots of bread and apples so they wouldn't be foraging for potato chips later.

Yeah and I remember my kids fighting over what TV show they wanted to watch and being really glad when the clock said it was time for them to go to bed and didn't even care that they whined and wanted to stay up late because I knew that I wasn't going to waffle and give them extra time because I had had it.

And then I remembered that I must be related to Scarlett O'Hara because all I could think of was, "Tomorrow is another day."  And then I remembered to start the dishwasher as I went off to bed.

The End.

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