Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

 Being behind on something is never good for me.  I don't like to skip things, so I'm going to catch-up on posting, but I also hate to be behind.  It Stresses Me Out.  Maybe I can make this work out in some odd kind of way.  While the girls' weekend was going on, we had our fair share of Christmas exposure.  It seems that the world just kind of skipped over Thanksgiving.
 We went to Wisteria- one of my favorite stores.  There's only one, you know.  The rumor is that there will be more soon.  Keep a look out.  They were in full-blown Christmas mode.
 I admit, it was enjoyable.
 Gold is making a comeback.
 I die for this wreath.  Maybe I could make it myself.  Bwah ha ha - who am I kidding?
Susan had to leave after the Wisteria outing, so we took her to Sam Moon then to the airport, which was blocked by the longest train in history and we had some serious thoughts about her missing her flight.  She made it, so Rochelle and I visited downtown McKinney - the Square - which is anything but.
I fell in love with these twine apples and failed to miss the bum in the background.  On the diner table?  Really?
 These tablescapes were over the top.  One of each please.
We topped the day off with a trip to Emporium Pies.  To. Die. For.

Thanks for coming, girls!  I had a great time playing Christmas, but thinking Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for a wonderful family - the one I grew up in and the one I have now.  Mwa!


  1. It was a great trip! I can't decide if it was about the shopping or the food? Either way I had a blast!

  2. I had a great time! Thanks Janet, lets do it again!