Thursday, March 17, 2011

New York Recap - Day I

We arrived into New York on Thursday night in the middle of a downpour. The next morning it was brisk and wildly windy. We had tickets booked for the Statue of Liberty. The boys wanted to sit on the top deck of the ferry, then decided not to sit and went exploring. I got this photo of the city.

There she is! Gorgeous with the sky behind her.

Some nice tourists were kind enough to take our photo for us once we arrived at the park.

Hayden and I were left alone for a few minutes while the others took a potty break. He thought it would be nice to take a few pictures. Check the hat - street vendor!
The backside of Lady Liberty just before we went inside her pedestal to climb the 1,000,000 (it felt like) stairs. The boys continuously said this was their favorite thing they did in New York - even better than the humongous ToysRus in Times Square. More tomorrow . . .

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