Friday, March 18, 2011

Saturday, we hoofed if up to Uptown looking for MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) Martin is a modern art lover. Me, not so much. Although there were some pretty kickin' painting by Van Gogh and some of the other Impressionists that caught my eye. They boys said they really didn't like modern art. No pictures - I checked my bag and left the camera inside. Afterwards, we circled around until we found Rockefeller Center. Ooooh, see those sad faces! They couldn't ice skate because Dad's ankle is still healing from surgery, so we moved on.
As you can see, another exciting place for the boys to visit - St. Patrick's Cathederal. Too big to fit into the frame, but evidence of our visit, nonetheless.
Here was a pick-me-up! We tried to get into Serendipity - fabulous ice cream parlour, but with 45 - 60 minute wait, we decided on dylans candy bar. Dylan is Ralph Lauren's daughter who created this fabulous space. The boys got to make their own chocolate dipped pretzels and chocolate dipped rice krispie treats. Very crowded - we had to eat outside whilst chasing pigeons.
On Sunday, we went back to the same area of town looking for the Manhattan Temple. We found it - fabulous! True serendipity - exactly next door was a branch of the American Folk Art Museum! Hellooooo - quilt museum! They let me take photos, only without flash, so most of the quilts I got on film did not turn out. This beautiful quilt did, however. I had heard of this quilt many times, never thinking I would actually see it. This is the National Tribute Quilt from 9-11. It covers the whole wall from left to right. Each of those squares is someone's name. These are the people who were on the airplanes that day.
These folks were inside the Trade Centers. Notice the fire fighter helmets.
Pentagon people.
More Trade Center people - so many fire fighters and policemen.
This is actually the middle section of the quilt - the two towers. Left me feeling a little sad. We took a cab back to our hotel then went to the matinee performance of the Lion King. Awesome! Wrap-up tomorrow . . .
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