Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nearly There

 So I got the pillow done - the one on the right. Please excuse the orange "flame" pillow.  For some reason I couldn't get it to calm down in any of my pictures.
 Here's the close-up.  Remember the tassels.  I could have bought my kids braces with the money I spent on those!
 We are nearly there.  Finished on the right - waiting for the man of the house on the left.  My old Relief Society Sag arms don't have the strength to operate the staple gun.  My sweetheart will help me finish after his conference call.
 Here is the "after" photo.    That sorry "before" photo will not be shown again.
On to something new.  Here are my fabrics for my new quilt.  I put aside the challenging applique quilt and chose to do this beginner quilt next.  It's very simple, and I've wanted to work with Kona Cotton Solids for awhile.  I found this Charcoal Gray and couldn't resist.  I'm hoping to have it cut out by the weekend!

1 comment:

  1. oooh i love the pillows and the new seats! but oh that quilt... i love the colors with the grey. love.