Thursday, April 14, 2011

What is it?

 Last year I distinctly remember being mesmerized in Sam's Club with their selection of boxed plants.  On the outside of the box there were beautiful pictures of plants that are not found in Texas, but reminded me of "home" - my growing up home in Idaho.  There were lilacs, roses, peonies and many others.  I bought a few boxes and when they were opened at home, I removed the bulb or root balls.  I found empty places in my garden that needed something more substantial and bushy.  I planted, I watered, I waited.  I forgot!
While preparing my beds this spring and pulling out anything that obviously didn't belong, I almost grabbed these two.  They are in opposite flower beds, so I didn't see the resemblance.  Anyhoo, against my better judgment I left them alone and yesterday I got this!  I believe it is a peony.  We'll see how she takes 105 degrees with 90% humidity.  Good luck, little one!

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