Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

 This hasn't changed.  BUT my pillow form came in the mail, so I will be on top of that tomorrow.  Hopefully I will have finished this project by week's end.
 I decided to use my down time and make a few little pin cushions.  This heart pin cushion has got to be one of my favorites.  I didn't have a pattern - just found a great heart in the clip art of my Word Program.  I tweaked it a little to make a better shape.
 I saw a really great tote bag with four little fishes on it, so I just drew up a little fish and made a pin cushion out of him.  This picture doesn't do him justice. He's much more handsome in person.
Here they are together.  You can never have too many pin cushions I say.  Tomorrow - pillows.

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