Thursday, April 21, 2011

Third Thursday with the Fish

 It's raining.  I'm parked in the Panera Parking Lot facing the Interstate waiting for my friend, Cindy Fish.  We have a standing date on the third Thursday of every month.  Sometimes we miss, but today the planets aligned and we hit the road.  We like to visit the bakeries around the Dallas area.  Today, we tried for Dimples in Frisco - Out of Business!  We moved on to the Cupcakery and we were not disappointed.

I asked the gal inside if I could take a few picture for my blog - she was very nervous about that.  I decided to take a photo of the store front.  Calmed her down a bit.

Scored a bundle of day-old half-price goodies.  As cupcakes go - I give them an eight, except that white one in the middle - raspberry something or other.  A perfect 10.

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