Saturday, May 21, 2011

Before and After

 We had the missionaries over last night for dinner.  Here was the Roasted Chicken before it went into the oven.
 Dessert - Before.
 After - well, not quite.  The recipe stops here, but my friend Melissa always goes one step further.
 The tub of Cool Whip.  Still not After enough though, until . . .
The chocolate sauce is drizzled on the top.  Now it's After.  The only problem with this pie is the fact that it is like a drug.  It is extremely rich and if you eat too big of a piece, there's a serious stomach ache to follow - but, we can't stop.  Ok, I can't stop.  Can't stop thinking about it, can't stop eating it.  Seriously - crack cocaine in a pie dish.  Help me, I'm can't afford rehab.

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