Monday, June 13, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

Today began "real" summer break.  Got Henry to swimming, ran some errands and spent much of the day preparing for the trim workers arrival tomorrow.  All the while feeling like I couldn't really focus.  I hate big stuff like that.  I know there's so much to do, so my mind tries to avoid it.  Curtains came down, furniture moved, emptied the china cabinet, moved things to safer places.  I wanted to take some "before" photos, but ran out of day light.  I will do it in the morning before they come so we can compare the "after"  Cross your fingers.

At some point, I pooped out.  I let the boys play video games while I finished a book.  Holy. Cow.  I had borrowed this book from the library thinking it would be a nice, slow read.  I was emotionally torn up much of the way through.  I guess I wanted a happy ending.  I'm not sure what I got, but I had to take a walk afterward.
 It's "The Bird Sisters" by Rebecca Rasmussen.
 My walk wasn't huge - I toured my small back yard.  The weather had cooled a bit, so I took some photos.  Here is Hayden's tomato plant he got from scouts several weeks ago.  We finally got it re-potted this morning.    Hope this guy survives.  Our tomatoes and peppers don't usually make it.  We have a resident squirrel and a teeny bunny who like to mess with our vegetables.
 These guys are supposed to be fall bloomers, but they're going crazy this summer.
 Ok, I'll come clean.  I bragged about this one several posts ago.  While we were at scout camp, I forgot to water him.  See how angry he is at me.  He's been watered, but he might just die to spite me.
Henry mowed the lawn today.  He always lifts this bench up to mow under it.  He always doesn't put it back down.  I think it puts my feelings into perspective.  I'm a little tipped over right now.  By this time next week, all will be back in place.  Hoping.

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