Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holy Pink Tomato Cage, Batman!

I hope you can see the color of Hayden's new tomato cage.  He's not happy.  Coming home from swimming this morning, we stopped at the nursery near our house to get a tomato cage for his cub scout tomato plant.  There were several of these really cool cages in all kinds of colors.  He wanted orange.  The orange stack was all stuck together and I couldn't get them apart.  I needed to be home in five minutes to let the woodworkers into the house.  Pink was the only cage stack that was easily accessed.  I made an executive decision.  Like I said - he's not happy.  (Secretly, I love it.)


  1. Ooooo!!! I love it too! Sorry Hayden! :)

  2. I'm with Alex, this is the most awesome tomato cage I have ever seen! Maybe it will grow on Hayden.