Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Are Locked Up In The Tower

  The work goes on downstairs.  We try to be out most of the day, but today we were pooped.  I decided to tackle the clutter in the boys' rooms and my sewing room.  We do the bedrooms at the beginning of each summer.  It is amazing what accumulates in a year.
 Today - Hayden's room.  Tomorrow - Henry's  Hayden is the pack rat.  He really hates to throw anything away.  We have to organize things into piles and whittle it down. He exhausts me.
 Moved on to my sewing room and tackled my fabric scraps.  I habitually toss the scraps to the side creating a gigantic pile.  I found these great boxes at one of the office supply stores.  Everything is color coded without labels!  I have to go back for a few more.  Once I got through my fabric pile, I unearthed this:
 It was literally hiding underneath my scraps.  Don't you love this?  Do you remember these?  Ok, all you young ones, go ask your moms.
Martin found this for me in an antique shop a few years back and got it for me for Christmas.  I had forgotten it was there.  There is space inside for lots of stuff!  Gee, I wonder where Hayden got the PR gene?

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