Thursday, July 14, 2011

Part 2

 Tuesday - July 5th.  We met everyone at the new water park in Rexburg.  We were impressed!  Henry enjoyed it.
 Hayden enjoyed it.  We enjoyed Hayden's behind.
 We went to Kathryn's that night and sweet Hannah led the kids around and around and around and around . . . .
 Wednesday, the boys went dirt biking again.  Henry took a spill and crunched his arm.  Everyone convinced me it was just a sprain.  He seemed normal enough.  We went through Jackson Hole on Thursday to begin our drive back home. Henry was speeding down the Alpine Slide.  I almost missed him!
 Hayden was the opposite of speeding (note impatient person behind him).  But, really, he was really really slow.  We didn't tell him.  He was having a ball.
 Here comes Martin . . .

 Almost missed him too!
 Friday we stopped at the grave of Rebecca Winters in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  I had only seen it in pictures.
 The original tire iron that marked her grave.  We arrived home Saturday.  The house was in shambles from the trim workers.  Dust everywhere.  I did as much cleaning as I could and got the laundry started.  Sunday, Henry was complaining that his arm was not feeling better.  Martin took him to the Kid Care Hospital and he came back with . . . 
No sprain here - buckle fracture.  Three to six weeks in a cast.

So, let's recap - 

17 days on the road
Time with Rochelle re-decorating her living room and bargain shopping more than we deserved! (I'm talking $4.38 Lucky Jeans - score!)
Temple wedding in one of the most beautiful temples - EVER
Being together with my siblings and their families more than once.
Surviving my high school class reunion.
Re-connecting with old friends.
Fourth of July in Rexburg - watching my kids run after the candy.
Awesome Family Reunion (Thanks Jimmy & Stacey!)
Letting the boys have an overnight with their cousins
Seeing Aunt Darlene's beautiful quilts
Holding hands with my mom as we walked to the sealing room in the temple
Finding Clinton's lighter in the bottom of our duffle bag (what can I say - I married a klepto)
and coming home with Rochelle's recipe for
Could I get the chocolate chip cookie recipe too?

We had a great time.  Love you all!


  1. I am sorry for Henry and his broken arm. It was great to spend time with you and your family. I will be sending the chocolate chip cookie recipe.

  2. Hi Janet! Rochelle led me to your blog and I'm so excited to spy on you. I love the recap of your trip. Sounds awesome. I was able to see Rebecca Winters Grave back in the day before they moved it away from the railroad tracks. It was a memorable experience. Take care. I'll be in touch.