Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We're Baaaack! (Part 1)

 Ok, so I opted to do the vacation in two parts instead of a dozen.  Please bear with me.  First stop - Colorado Spring to visit Martin's dad and his wife.  They live on five acres of forest, so dirt biking in the front yard is cool.

 Thanks, Ed and Mickey!
 Arrived in Rexburg for Austin and Aubree's wedding.  We Jamba'd after the ceremony and before the luncheon with members of the fam.
 Hey, Brock!  You made the blog.
 Luncheon with the happy couple (in the background).  My sweetheart's in the front.
 Family dinner at Rochelle's house. (The only guy I know at his age who rocks that haircut).
 Fab dessert.
 Miss Em modeling her shoes.
 On to Fourth of July!
 Rexburg parade (I know, we're lame - couldn't get up in time to make Idaho Falls).
 We did make it to Idaho Falls for the hanging out stuff.  The girls with the matching flowers.
 Emma again loving on Martin.  Not sure he knew what to do with that.
 Miss Sarah with her man.
 Again - rockin' the hairdo.
 We cut out and went to the rodeo in Rexburg.  Saw so many little cowboys - cute!
Check out the spurs.

My battery died after that shot, but there's more after the re-charge.  Part 2 tomorrow. 


  1. wish i could have seen you more while you were up here! i am happy i got to see you when i did! love you!

  2. love the shout out to jordan and his hair! it was so good to see you!