Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rooster Re-do Complete

 This guy was dry so fast I didn't wait a day to paint the second coat.  I did it while I waited for the boys to come home from school.  The second coat is rich and coppery.
 Very copper-pennyish
Martin even liked it.

On the way to swimming I had an epiphany.  I dropped the boys off and scooted over to Hobby Lobby.  I found some stencils and some special Martha glue.
 Today after lunch I got at it.  Chicken in place? Check.
 Stencil ready?  Check.
 Special Tools?  Check.
 Let's get this bad boy started.
 I'd say he's looking good.
 Voila!  Sparklie Chicken rocks.  
(Someone is in the Time Out Chair.  He doesn't care about Sparklie Chicken.)
Finally back home in his new niche and spot light.  I think he's as happy with the result as I am.


  1. so cute! i love reading about all of your projects!

  2. Love the added sparklie! Great job, funny about Hayden in time out!