Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Trees and Zombies

Yesterday morning I took mummy man down and painted the front door.
As I was finishing I realized I was late for my lunch date with my friend, Sharon.  I let her know I was coming late and then picked her up.  We had only planned on lunch, but we got the better of ourselves and decided to go to the Wisteria Outlet.  You don't know Wisteria?  Dear me, I don't know how you've lived without them this long.  Well, their Outlet Store is here in Dallas, a mere 30 minutes away.
They have so much in the way of furniture and home decor.  Unfortunately, that was not our goal.  We scored on some Halloween bags.  These will work great for the gals I visit teach (filled with candy of course!)

It's hard to get a full day of funness in when school lets out at 3:00.  We grabbed a bite to eat at Paradise Bakery near the Christmas Tree Shops, our next destination and had to really speed shop.  It was painful.  However, we found so many fun Halloween things.  I'll introduce you to my Zombie friends shortly.
I got home just at the boys were getting home from school.  Martin took off with them and I painted the inside door while they were at swim practice.
 After dinner, we hung the new Zombies.
Shocking, I know.
Here's the happy family!

Tomorrow I'll be posting about my day at Trade Days in Canton, TX.  I went with my friend Melissa and we had a ball.  I got some great Halloween ideas that I'll be working on after General Conference tomorrow.  I'm not sure that Halloween and General Conference were meant to be in the same sentence, but they do happen in the same month.  Every year.  Amen.

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  1. This is amazing. I want my porch to look just like this. And I think a project is always perfect for General Conference weekend.