Saturday, October 1, 2011

Canton, Anyone?

Yesterday, my friend Melissa and I went to Canton, TX.  Once a month they have what they call First Monday Trade Days.  It is a ginormous craft/flea/fair/whatever-you're-looking-for-you-can-find thing.  It runs Thursday through Sunday.  I like to go on Friday, which is what we did this time.  October is usually the biggest month of the year.  The weather is good and all of the Halloween and Christmas goods are out.  We left McKinney at 7:00am (our husbands sent the kids off to school) and we returned at 4:30pm.  It takes 1-1/2 hours to get there.  So far, Susan, Rochelle and Mom have gone with me, but I am willing to take anyone - anytime.
 I had to be very stealth with my picture taking.  There were big signs everywhere dis-allowing any photography.  I took a few photos, but I only scratched the surface.  Just thought this was funny.
 Same shop - the Sign Guy - really great stuff.
 I couldn't believe this great idea.  It's a pot rack made from a ladder.  They decorated it with grape vine and flowers.  So clever.
 One of the gazillion Christmas booths.
 We always eat lunch at the Baked Potatoe - really, I don't care that they can't spell.  Their food is awesome!
 We did so much more, but couldn't risk losing the camera.  If you notice this outdoor pottery booth is in front of the cemetery.  It's on our way back to the car.  We always park by the cemetery - it's the best way in.
 A little cemetery within a cemetery.
 Here's an old guy.
 Indulge me while I do my cemetery thing.
 Last one - promise!
Ok, so here's the bargain of the day.  It's cowhide and it only cost me $20.

Who's with me?
I'll drive.

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